Economy Rice


Jia Jia Economic Rice, Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

Rice, baked beans, potato cubes, luncheon meat, fishcake, battered fish, onion and carrot strips, curry gravy — all for $3.50! And the best part? It is sensationally scrumptious. Talk about cheap and good! However, at the rate tradition and heritage are being callously displaced in favor of commercialism and gentrification, authentic Singaporean hawkers and their timeless culinary magic will cease to exist sooner rather than later. Fuck that shit. Call me schmaltzy or label me obstinate, but I’ll be clinging on to every last dollop of tradition left in Singapore.


  1. Love traditional food. Best way to explore a foreign country I believe!

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    1. Righto! Exploration begins with the belly!

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  2. […] is kinda like the breakfast equivalent of economy rice, but with bee hoon (rice vermicelli) as the base and a selection of ingredients to choose from. A […]



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