Prawn Noodles


Sheng Hui Coffee Shop

A bowl of prawn noodles is always within reach wherever you are in Singapore. Food courts, cafeterias, hawker centers, coffee shops… it sure is one heck of an omnipresent dish. Good prawn noodles, on the other hand, are much harder to come by. What’s considered good then, one might ask? A Google search will probably yield a seemingly endless stream of articles dictating where you’d find the best prawn noodles in Singapore. But that’s the problem right there. The idea of what’s good has been cheapened and trivialized to the opinions of soulless mainstream sources motivated by monetization and fame. It is then perpetuated by the insipid majority who fervently worship trends and fads. It’s a vicious cycle that one doesn’t have to buy into.

Delectability is a whole lot more intricate than that.

You see, we’re all individuals with unique palettes. As for me, I believe that good food doesn’t just pleasure your taste buds and satisfy your stomach, it must kindle your soul. And that’s what this $3 bowl of prawn noodles did — every mouthful was like a hit of nostalgia, triggering some oft-neglected but tender memories of me as a child, happily eating lunch with my grandparents after coming home from school. And that, to me, is the reason why this bowl of prawn noodles is the best.

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